An Overview of Nlets: The International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets)

06-11-2013 09:17

One second saves lives. Everyone knows it takes less than one second for a bomb, a gunshot, arson, or a train derailment to create a disaster and destroy lives. It also takes less than 1 second to avoid a crisis by having the right information available at the right time - over the Nlets network. Within the short amount of time required to key-in a name and date of birth, certifying/licensing entities, such as state boards of education and the like, can find their seemingly highly-qualified job applicant is a registered predatory sex offender; or the officer standing roadside can find their stranded motorist is wanted for aggravated murder.

Bob Morris, Nlets Training and Education Manager and Terry O’Connell, JISP Board member and Director of the Criminal Justice Information for the Oregon State Police will deliver a broad overview of Nlets services and capabilities.

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This document contains the webinar description, and links to the recording and slides.

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