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About JISP

What is JISP?

Justice information sharing is at the heart of everything we need to do to prevent terrorism, reduce crime and improve the quality of justice in America. As a network of state, local, and tribal justice information sharing practitioners, the Justice Information Sharing Practitioner (JISP) network promotes best practices, standards, and resources for solving the issues of justice information sharing. Through JISP, practitioners, representing various projects, jurisdictions, and disciplines work together to facilitate communication, remove barriers, share expertise and lessons learned.

Scores of professionals from criminal justice organizations across the country are addressing the the issues of interoperability and information sharing, and a number of organizations and agencies (funded by the federal government) are devoted to providing expertise or training and technical assistance to advance the implementation of national standards and resulting information sharing.  With over 1200 members, JISP provides a mechanism for practitioners to share and leverage ideas, concepts, standards, experiences, and resources within its peer network;  JISP provides a vehicle for practitioners to access assistance and subject matter expertise of other members.

The JISP Leadership is comprised of experienced and reputable project/program leaders from various local and state criminal justice information sharing initiatives in the United States. Blending the information, experience, and resources across many sources, many agencies and diverse backgrounds, JISP promotes coordinated, value, and result-driven outcomes.

How Do I Become a JISP Member?

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