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Upcoming Webinar on Inmate Reentry Exchange

  • 1.  Upcoming Webinar on Inmate Reentry Exchange

    Posted 02-18-2015 14:24
    Just FYI -- IJIS Institute is hosting the webinar, Hampden County Sheriff's Department - Inmate Reentry Exchange, on February 25 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST.

    The second in a series of webinars featuring innovative corrections information sharing projects, this webinar will provide an overview of the BJA-funded Hampden Inmate Reentry Exchange (HIRE) which uses a NIEM and GRA-conformant information sharing architecture. HIRE enables Hampden County to share offenders' case management information with community-based service providers including human services, social services, substance abuse treatment, and other community resources that participate in the offender reentry process.

    Nearly 2.3 million people are incarcerated in Federal, state, and local prisons at any given time. More than 95 percent of these individuals will be released back to their home communities. Offender failure on probation and parole is a key driver of prison admissions in many states and parole failure alone accounts for about one-third of new prison admissions each year.

    HIRE specifically focused on developing information sharing capabilities using Global standards to share offender casework information and photos with community-based service providers using two mechanisms. Before HIRE was implemented, offender information was shared via fax, email, and paper files - all of which were time consuming, staff intensive, and slow. The information exchange now enables access to offenders' information and treatment needs before their release, enabling more efficient and effective services to be provided which improves reentry success.

    The architecture developed in Hampden County have been enhanced to create a more comprehensive architecture that is being implemented in several state corrections agencies.

    This webinar will be particularly applicable for state and local corrections administrators, reentry practitioners, community-based treatment and healthcare service providers, and criminal justice stakeholders.

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    Janene Scelza Martin
    Web Manager
    National Criminal Justice Association