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Survey Request Forwarded on Behalf of Santa Clara County

  • 1.  Survey Request Forwarded on Behalf of Santa Clara County

    Posted 03-12-2015 19:01
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    This message has been cross posted to the following Discussions: State Justice Information Sharing Committee and JISP .

    Santa Clara County California is involved in a very large to replace the legacy mainframe supporting most justice and public safety agencies in the county.  They are seeking CIOs and other appropriate people to complete surveys concerning the use of Enterprise Application Integration/Enterprise Service Bus (EAI/ESB) products,
    as well as use of the Global data sharing architecture and standards.  The EAI/ESB is a critical component of the Future State vision and Santa Clara County intends to do due-diligence to insure that they select the best of breed products and they appreciate your assistance in this effort.

     The link for the EAI/ESB survey is at:  http://questionpro.com/t/ALOQBZSBJ5

     The link for the use of the national standards such as NIEM and GFIPM is at: http://questionpro.com/t/ALOQBZSBJ7

     Please note that if the state uses more than one product to perform the EAI/ESB function you can finish the survey on a product and then click the link again to report on a second product, and repeat for up to N products.

     The following is background information and our request of you.

     The Santa Clara County (SCC) Information Service Department (ISD) is undertaking a massive multiyear project to update its criminal justice information systems, and specifically, its data sharing environment.  Please see the attached graphics of the current state and future vision.  See especially the third graphic which highlights the importance of the "Data Exchange Hub" in the future vision.


    SCC Current State:

    Most of the county justice and public safety partners share a legacy mainframe called "CJIC" that dates back to the 1970's with an upgrade in the mid 1990's.  They are sharing a database so they are mostly unaware of the data sharing and workflow this has afforded.  The Superior Court is leaving CJIC in 2015 to 2016 to migrate to the Tyler Technologies Odyssey package.  This is about 40% of shared CJIC content.  ISD and its partners are looking at replacing other functions (jail management, records management, probation, etc.) with packages.


    SCC Future State:

    So the future state will be mostly commercial off the shelf (COTS) packages for the agencies and a Data Exchange Hub in the middle brokering all exchanges and cross agency workflows.  You can see that this makes the Hub a critical path for the county.  In our technical domain the "Hub" is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) often implemented with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).  It may also include a Portal and Data Warehouse/Business Analytics which it will in SCC.


    SCC Intent to do Due-Diligence on EAI/ESB Current Practices:

    SCC intends to do due-diligence on current practices in the use of EAI/ESB technologies, as well as use of Global data sharing architecture and standards.  They have developed two online questionnaires and hope to get feedback from the appropriate Manager/Architect responsible for the justice partner EAI/ESB technology and functions as well as use of the national data exchange standards.  Santa Clara County would like to identify the name of the vendor(s) and the package(s) in each of these areas first, if the survey will take more time to complete.

     On behalf of Santa Clara County we sincerely appreciate your consideration and helping us complete gather information through these surveys!

     Please feel free to contact Eric Tingom for more information.  He can be reached via e-mail or phone as follows:  eric.tingom@..., 408-918-1932.

    Tammy Woodhams
    Senior Staff Associate
    National Criminal Justice Association