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OJBC Announces Release of Open Source Justice Information Sharing Software

  • 1.  OJBC Announces Release of Open Source Justice Information Sharing Software

    Posted 04-30-2015 17:24

    This past week, the Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC) released the core components of the Open Justice Broker (OJB) publicly under an open source license. The released components include a portal application that provides federated query and custom event subscription functions, as well as two dozen "intermediary" components that automate core justice information flows like incident reporting, submissions to the FBI N-DEx service, arrest/booking, and disposition reporting.  These components have served as the foundation for mission-critical information exchanges implemented in the four current member jurisdictions:  the states of Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, and Vermont. The released components are available on GitHub.  They are licensed under the Reciprocal Public License, version 1.5.  The use of open source software reduces development costs by allowing developers to use the existing components at no cost and by eliminating software licensing costs.  The reciprocal license requires only that developers contribute derivative work back to the OJB.


    The OJBC has fully embraced justice information sharing standards since its inception, and the open source release reflects this commitment.  All information exchange implementations included in the release adhere to Global Reference Architecture (GRA) service specifications, which use National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPDs) for their information models.  The release also includes a component that automates the enforcement of privacy, security, and access control policies, in conformance with the Global Technical Privacy Framework.


    The Open Justice Broker Consortium is a non-profit membership organization of government agencies and jurisdictions dedicated to improving justice information sharing through the reuse of low-cost, standards-based integration software.  The OJBC unlocks the power of open source software and cross-boundary collaboration to promote a more effective, efficient justice system.  You can learn more about the Consortium and this work on the OJBC website:  www.ojbc.org .  There is a specific news announcement at http://www.ojbc.org/board-announces-open-source-release-of-core-open-justice-broker-components/  and a blog post from at http://www.ojbc.org/the-open-justice-broker-is-now-open-source/.

    Mark Perbix
    Director of Information Sharing Programs
    SEARCH The National Consortium for Justice Information & Statistics