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Global Standards Council (GSC) Request for Information Exchange "Services"

  • 1.  Global Standards Council (GSC) Request for Information Exchange "Services"

    Posted 05-12-2015 11:46

    On behalf of Mr. Scott Came, Chair, Global Standards Council, you are invited to review and consider the following request.

    This notice is primarily intended for technical assistance (TA) providers who have developed and employed information sharing standards and components supported by the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global)-a federal advisory committee that operates under the guidance and oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).  In particular,we are seeking your input on Global-supported "services" that you have developed/implemented in the past and/or plan to develop in the future.

    Global has supported development of an open service-oriented architecture (SOA) enterprise solution-the Global Reference Architecture (GRA)-and associated standards to support the broadscale electronic sharing of pertinent justice- and public safety-related information.  This has allowed a community of information sharing practitioners, such as the organizations and communities you represent and/or are affiliated with, to further extend the merits and value proposition of the architecture through the proliferation of information sharing service specifications to solve any number of justice and public safety information sharing business problems and gaps.  In concert with one of the principal benefits of SOA, BJA's desire is to further advance the principle of "reuse" for the Global-supported services you all have developed, and/or are developing, and consider them as candidate Global "reference services" that other federal, tribal, state, and local jurisdictions may consider to solve their own information sharing challenges.  To that end, we are seeking your input for the following.

    BJA, via the Global Standards Council (GSC), and for the benefit of the justice/public safety community at large, requests your consideration to nominate any Global-supported service(s) candidates that your organization has already developed/implemented, and/or is in the process of doing so, for consideration as Global Reference Service Specifications. Specifically, the GSC intends to support a more complete awareness of services we can expect to receive and consider so that we can (1) formulate a more comprehensive understanding of Global-supported services that have already been developed/implemented, and (2) plan accordingly in order to review and consider each service in the most expeditious method possible.  If you and the organization you represent are willing to provide this insight, then please consider returning a response with the following [note: there is no need to inform us of services that have already been nominated to Global in the past-we are looking only for information on services that have not yet been officially nominated to Global for consideration]:

    • Name of service.  Request for name of each service that has already been or is in the process of being implemented.  We recognize that, in many cases, it takes multiple services to solve a single business information sharing issue. In this case, simply return an "umbrella" name of the service and indicate how many "companion" services are associated with it.  For example, rather than individually nominating Arrest Warrant Issue, Arrest Warrant Query, Arrest Warrant Recall, Arrest Warrant Serve, and Arrest Warrant Update, you could simply call it Arrest Warrant Services and indicate this grouping will include five associated services. 
    •  Description.  A brief description of the service(s).  For example, a description of the five Arrest Warrant Services could be "a collection of five Arrest Warrant Information Exchange Reference Service Standards which, collectively, provide a framework for criminal justice agencies to communicate and route arrest warrant information throughout the warrant life cycle, from an initial warrant request to eventual disposal. Handling of arrest warrants is complicated by the involvement of several distinct criminal justice lines of business (e.g., law enforcement, prosecutor, courts, repositories). In response, these services are intended to automate the flow and routing of warrant information between these lines of business to accommodate warrant requests, issuance, service, and data maintenance. By streamlining these processes, the services aim to provide criminal justice organizations with the data necessary to act on warrants and warrant requests in a timely and accurate manner."
    • Implementation.  A brief description of where and for whom the service(s) has/have been successfully implemented.
    • Supporting Technical Assistance provider.  Presumably, this would be your organization, but feel free to list any other supporting TA providers for the service development/implementation.
    • Do you intend to nominate the aforementioned service(s) to Global for consideration as a candidate Global reference service? If yes, estimated month/year when you expect to nominate the service(s).  We are most interested in services you intend to nominate within the next 12 months.
    • Services in development.  Are there any services currently in development, but not yet implemented, on which you would be willing to provide a brief insight, simply for our Global awareness on information exchanges being pursued for the justice/public safety COIs?

    We thank all of you in advance for considering our request and for your strong support and engagement by promoting Global Justice Information Sharing standards in your areas of interest.

    At such time your organization is prepared to nominate a service or services to Global for consideration, please contact Mr. Scott Came at scott.came@..., and/or me at DGillespie@... for further details.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to your response.

    Institute for Intergovernmental Research